Homemade Finishing Stands!

This is a quick build and serves a pretty specialized function. When you’re finishing a work piece, there is always a problem when you try to finish the second side. You can’t put the freshly painted or stained side of the piece down flat on the workbench because the finish will get messed up. You could wait for that side to dry and then flip it but that could extend your finishing time by days, and in the mean time could lead to warping with one side finished and one not.

An alternative is to use small blocks under the workpiece to hold it up off of the table while you finish the other side. Generally, these blocks are shaped like a pyramid with a wide base and a pointed top to make the least contact possible with the finished workpiece side. You can buy these “painters pyramids” on Amazon here, but it’s cheap and easy to make your own!

Let’s Get to the Point

The way I made my blocks is pretty simple and really fast. I had some extra 1/2″ plywood laying around from a project a long time ago and I had a bunch of long drywall screws just laying around. All I had to do was cut the plywood into squares and drive a screw through the middle. That’s it! If I decided to make more of these, I would try to countersink the screw heads a little to make them more stable. Since my screws were sticking out just a hair, the blocks tended to move slightly back and forth.

One note about this kind of block, because the tops of the screws are so pointed and in fact designed to go through wood, they could make small indentions in the work pieces. They were not noticeable enough to me to be an issue in the piece I was working on (which you can see here) but they could be if you use softer wood.

And that’s all there is to it! This is a super easy build that only uses two parts that basically everyone has laying around. It’s also something that’s great to make while you’re waiting around for glue to dry.

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Author: Sam Adams

I am a musician, educator, and composer based out of Kentucky. I also dabble in wood working.

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